The people behind Hack4good

This is our team

David Hofer

MSc in Computer Science, interested in the application of ML to a wide range of problems from cyber security to economics and social science. I like basketball, music, and reading.

Chiara Tschopp

MSc in Mathematics, interested in the intersection of pure mathematics and data science, specifically in areas like economics and social sciences. In my free time, I do kickboxing and I like to read and play the piano.

Chrysander Hagen

MSc in Physics, interested in data science and the application of ML for finance as well as scientific problems. In my free time I work out a lot and go glider flying from time to time.

Emil Funke

MSc Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, interested in data science especially for finance applications. In my free time I play football.

Fredrik Nestaas

I'm a data science master student currently writing their thesis. Last year I participated in Hack4Good, working on a project with BASE to improve farmers' welfare in lower income countries, and decided to join Hack4Good as an organizer for the current edition. In my spare time I like to go bouldering.

Jan Flückiger

As a MSc Student @MTEC, I want to build the link between business and technology. I am especially interested in leveraging ML for operational excellence and as a force for good. I love reading, sports (volleyball & badminton), and my houseplants.

Luis Rüfenacht

I am a software engineer with an interest in problem-solving and the advancement of technologies. In my spare time, I enjoy being creative and going bouldering.

Pablo Lahmann

MSc in Applied Mathematics, excited to dive into various aspects of ML and Data Science, and looking forward to getting to know other enthusiastic individuals. In my free time I cannot resist going to Salsa events!

Pepa Arán

I'm Pepa, a statistician working towards a sustainable and biodiverse future. On the weekends, I'm usually running on some trail, knitting or making music.

Peter Horcic

BSc in  Computer Science, fascinated by ML's mathematical nature and its applicability to virtually all areas of daily life.

Sunniva Flück

I am a MSc student in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, mainly working with software engineering and network security. But I am interested in all projects where technology helps to address social or ecological problems. Besides studying I like reading, art and playing soccer.

Tristan Strumann

MSc in Mathematics, interested in applications of Machine Learning. I like going to the gym, tennis, wakeboarding and skiing.