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The Analytics Club Education Programme offers courses, workshops and talks in collaboration with industry leading companies and cutting edge research.

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AI for All - From Python basics to Deep Learning

Join us for the first ACE Education Program workshop series to explore AI's potential, from Python basics to crafting Deep Learning models. Whether beginner or advanced, whether for personal interest or professional development, dive into hands-on learning and gain invaluable insights into the world of AI.

When: The first workshop takes place on November 1
Where: TBA

AWS Academy: Machine Learning Foundations

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Learn how to design, create and deploy cutting edge models and machine learning pipelines in the cloud.

When: Tuesdays 10.10-12.22 from 6-8pm

Our Team

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Arthur-Louis Heath
Arthur-Louis Heath

Education lead emeritus. Louis is a passionate student, educator, and aficionado of all things data science.

Sabrina Bruckmeier
Sabrina Bruckmeier

Currently leading ACE's education programme. Sabrina is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Mathematics with a deep interest in applying those concepts to real world problems through machine learning and data science.

Karim Galal

Yash Dubey
Yash Dubey