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The Analytics Club Education Programme offers
courses, workshops and talks in collaboration with
industry leading companies and cutting
edge research.

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Ace Presents: AWS Cloud for Research

ACE Presents: AWS for Cloud Research

ACE has come together with AWS and the Swiss Data Science Center to explore ways in witch the cloud can be leveraged accelerate your research.  Join us to hear from our exciting lineup of speakers and meet new people at our networking Apéro.

When: May 31, 3pm - 4:45 followed by an Apéro
ETH Zürich  HG D 1.2

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Our Team

Arthur-Louis Heath
Arthur-Louis Heath

Currently heading ACE's education programme. Louis is a passionate student, educator, and aficionado of all things data science.

Sabrina Bruckmeier
Sabrina Bruckmeier

Sabrina is a P.hD candidate in Applied Mathematics with a deep interest in applying those concepts to real world problems through machine learning and data science.

Karim Galal

Yash Dubey
Yash Dubey

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