Our past events

From ETH to startup founder

Join ETH Analytics Club for a fireside chat with Martin Postel, the CTO of Opply, and Dominik Diak, Talent Investor at Entrepreneur First. Hear more about Martin's journey, from finishing a PhD at ETH to joining the Entrepreneur First program, meeting his co-founder, Helen, and raising +4m USD in funding from Europe's top investors.

Date: 6 Nov. 2023
Location: HG E 33.1
Time: 18:30

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An Interactive Reinforcement Learning Workshop

You'll take a deep dive into the captivating world of Reinforcement Learning. You'll understand how RL stands apart from other machine learning methods and take the chance to explore agents, environments, states, actions, rewards, etc. You'll dive into the Q-learning algorithm,  and be introduced to  Deep Q Networks (DQN) for tackling complex problems and addressing challenges in RL.

Date: 14 Nov. 2023
Location: HG E 41
Time: 18:00

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AI and Drug Discovery at Absci

Absci invites you for an engaging session on generative AI in drug discovery on Oct 13. Hear from AI scientists about the technical algorithms that fuel AI-driven antibody design, and learn about the role of AI in drug discovery from Absci’s CEO and founder Sean McClain and CIO Andreas Busch, formerly Bayer’s Head of Global Drug Discovery. Come by to learn more and engage in lively discussions at the ensuing aperó.

Date: 13 Oct. 2023
Location: HG E 41
Time: 15:00

Fireside-chat dinner with Absci

Apply for a private fireside-chat dinner after the open-door lecture. At the dinner you will have a chance to engage in direct discussions with Absci’s CEO, CIO and several of Absci’s AI scientists to learn more about starting and leading an AI biotech company, about AI in drug discovery and about opportunities at Absci.

Date: 13 Oct. 2023
Location: TBA
Time: 18:00

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The future of Workforce Planning

Unveil the workings of Picnic's international workforce planning team, responsible for scheduling over 15,000 people across borders. Delve into the new algorithm and the implementation of an advanced system, providing an exclusive insight into the world of mathematical optimization.

Date: 16 Oct. 2023
Location: HG F 33.1
Time: 18:00

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