Who are we?

The Analytics Club at ETH is a student run society with a shared passion for data science and machine learning.

We offer a home base for all the students interested in data science and help them in acquiring additional skills and tools needed to succeed in their career whether in academia or in the industry.

Leadership Team
Board members

ACE is a student society run by students on a voluntary basis. The leadership team consists of the 8 board members below.

Marco Magno
Maria Guskova
Vice President
Didem Durukan
Marketing Lead
Sabrina Bruckmeier
Sabrina Bruckmeier
Education Lead
Pep Borrell
Community co-Lead
Rolando Villasenor
Community co-Lead
David Hofer
H4G Lead
Vivek Boddu
Quant Lead
Simon Neff
Board Member
Radenko Tanasic
Board Member
Join our team

We are all students studying in areas related to data science and are engaged in shaping the community in the greater Zurich area. If you are interested in joining our organising team, send us an email!